Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we hear the most. If you have any other questions, you can either call us at 601-479-3351 or by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. 



Q. How long does it take to engrave concrete?
A. Generally, it takes about a week to complete a 2,000 square foot project.

Q. If the work is done on the inside, will I have to move out of my house?
A. No. In most cases, the biggest requirement on the family when we have completed an inside floor is to only walk on the floor in socked feet for a few days to give everything time to cure.

Q. Are the chemicals used inside my house toxic? 
A. No! We only use eco-friendly materials. 

Q. What is the largest area you can engrave?
A. Size is unlimited. The patterns can carry on and repeat for thousands and thousands of feet.

Q. Will the color fade?
A. Nothing is impervious to the sun's UV rays, colors do change over time. Many times a color actually becomes darker. Changes in the color of a stain outside are very slow and span many years, especially when they are routinely maintained with a clear sealer. 

Q. How thick is it?
A. There is no thickness added. The grooving process cuts the concrete to give an appearance of a grout line and that's what gives the look of depth and texture. 

Q. How do engraved bricks look several years after installation?
A. With periodic maintenance the surface will look substantially the same years after the installation. With no maintenance, over the years, engraved bricks naturally take on an antique or used brick appearance. Brick, cobblestone and flagstone that looks like it has a long history is desired by many customers. 

Q. After several years, what if I want to change colors?
A. Depending upon your wishes and the products used, there are multiple ways to change the color and appearance of an existing job. 

Q. I just poured concrete. When can I stain it? When can I engrave it? 
A. Depending on several things like temperature and humidity, with few exceptions, stains and sealers require a 30-45 day cure time. Concrete hydrates during the cure process. As it cures moisture dissipates from the slab. If it is sealed too soon the water vapors may build up and push the stain and sealer off. You should wait at least 7 days before engraving.