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Click to view a bigger image!Art & Design Tech's  founder, Ken Flynt is a remarkable guy. Growing up on a farm, Ken learned to work with his hands. Going to college, he learned to work with his mind. Living life, he learned to work with time. And so it was that a snowstorm trapped him in a hotel room in a distant location and changed his destiny. Ken spent 20+ years traveling the highways and byways of this country as a salesman and yet he always yearned to be back home working with his hands or building something. 


He was stuck in a hotel room facing travel delays once again and the weight of all the travel began pressing down on him. His life was lived out of a suitcase and he felt that much of his career had been spent away from home. Not only that, he yearned to create and to have tangible proof of his labors. Out of boredom, he turned on the television and saw pictures of an art form that captivated him. Decorative concrete engraving


He began researching the industry and learned who the real leaders were and when he was ready, he committed himself to making  this beautiful and transforming art form available to the residents and businesses in his home town and surrounding areas. No more would people have to settle for boring concrete floors. They could make simple concrete floors pop with color and design.


Combining this new decorating technology with his love of building and the outdoors came naturally as he added to his service offerings to include building outdoor kitchens to extend people's homes to include the outside.  These outdoor kitchens make the patio or deck another wonderful place for people to gather in their homes. 


And so was born Art & Design Tech, LLC. Ken would love to have the opportunity to show you how to revise, improve and extend the welcoming atmosphere of your home or business. 


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Ken Flynt Photography


Ken is also an amazing photographer with over 30 years of practical hands-on experience in creating unique and beautiful images. Ken started out at Jones County Jr. College in Ellisville, MS as the school photographer and did many different types of projects. He is available for commercial and event photography and you can contact him directly via our Contact Us page to inquire about prints he has for sale or for special images you'd like him to create especially for you. 


Below are  just a few  samples of his work. Be sure to click on each one to view a larger version of each photograph.

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